Combining the Technologies of Hepregen Corporation and ESI BIO to provide Turn-key solutions for Drug Screening, Predictive Analysis and Basic Research
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Proprietary Application-Directed Assays and Powerful Stem Cell Technology

Hepregen is the global leader in innovating unique, proprietary in vitro micro-liver cell-based platforms for use in safety testing, and pharmaceutical, biotherapeutic and diagnostic product development.

ESI BIO provides our customers with end-to-end solutions that can be used from basic stem cell research through clinical manufacturing using products that are translatable to the clinic.

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Who Is Ascendance?

Ascendance Biotechnology, Inc. (“Ascendance”) is a newly formed enterprise that combines the cutting edge micropatterning technologies, products and service offerings of Hepregen Corporation with the ESI BIO stem cell research products division of BioTime, Inc., offering unique cell-based assays and Solutions via ServiceTM for metabolite analysis and safety testing of new chemical entities, efficacy testing for new drug candidates, and laboratory products for basic research and product development.

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