ESI BIO Products

Ascendance’s ESI BIO Line of Stem Cell Products

Ascendance Biotechnology proudly provides the ESI BIO line of stem cell products, including HyStem® Hydrogel Kits, Cytiva Plus® Human Cardiomyocytes, VascuNet™ Pericyte Co-Culture Assay, ESI Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines, PureStem® Human Progenitor Cells, Antibodies and Small Molecules. These products are provided at the same level excellent quality that customers have come to expect from ESI BIO. Ascendance’s ESI BIO products are designed to help our customers translate their scientific discoveries to the clinic. We do this by providing products that utilize breakthrough stem cell technologies and can be manufactured at both a research grade or a therapeutic grade or can be used to more efficiently transfer drugs to the clinic. The ESI BIO product line can be more easily translated from research to clinical use, thus lighting the path to the clinic.

HyStem® Hydrogel Kits

HyStem® Hydrogel kits provide an optimal and flexible extra cellular matrix (ECM) substrate that can create appropriate culture environments for your stem cell culture, solving one of the greatest challenges in stem cell research. Aside from optimal nutrient requirements, there are several key considerations to take into account when choosing the appropriate substrate on which to expand and differentiate cells:

  • Cell culture scaffold providing a 3-dimensional matrix
  • Can add cells, growth factors, attachment factors or drugs
  • Fully Defined / Biocompatible
  • Customizable – control stiffness, gelation time, viscosity
  • The ability to gently break down the gel for easy cell recovery

HyStem® Hydrogel kits are designed specifically to meet all these requirements. These ECMs are based on hyaluronic acid (HA) – a natural component of the ECM that is abundant in natural tissue microenvironments and in environments surrounding stem cells. HyStem® Hydrogels provide a compliant, viscoelastic matrix that is physiologically relevant for stem cells. Whether you require an animal component-free system or the ability to incorporate growth factors and peptides into your stem cell culture system, HyStem® Hydrogels can be customized to fit the needs of specific research studies. ECM Components and Substrates are available separately.

Cytiva® Plus Cardiomyocytes

Cytiva® Plus Cardiomyocytes are derived from NIH Registered human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESC) and provide a biologically-relevant model for use in safety screening and risk assessment of compounds for cardiotoxic responses in drug discovery. Suitable for interrogation in multiparametic platforms such as high-content analysis (HCA) and multielectrode arrays (MEA), Cytiva Plus Cardiomyocytes form spontaneously beating monolayers when plated into microwell plates and exhibit appropriate morphology and electrophysiological responses when treated with known compounds.


Cytiva Plus Cardiomyocytes imaged on DeltaVision OMX imager. Troponin I – green; α-actinin – red; nuclei – blue.

  • Display expected multi-electrode arrays (MEA) waveform and performance characteristics.
  • Display expected pharmacological responses to compounds.
  • Cryopreserved for ease of use.
  • Ready to record direct from thaw after five to seven days incubation. No replating required.
  • Suitable for MEA, high-content analysis (HCA), calcium transient measurements, and manual patch clamping.
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VascuNet™ Pericyte Co-Culture Assay

A More Physiologically Relevant Model of the Vasculature

The VascuNet™ Pericyte Co-Culture Assay is a novel angiogenesis model that includes HUVECs and pericytes (PC-Ms) to study the effects of drug and therapeutic compounds on vascularization in a 96-well plate. PC-M cells are derived from a proprietary differentiation method using the ESI-017 Human Embryonic Stem Cell Line. Cells and media components undergo strict quality screening to ensure reproducibility. Networks are maintained for up to four to six days, allowing for a more extensive and clinically-relevant model system for studying the effects of compounds on tube formation.


  • VascuNet tube networks approximate in vivo vessels more closely than other systems
  • Allows for long-term in vitro analyses of pro- and anti-angiogenic compounds on established vessels
  • Pericytes are hESC-derived ensuring easy expansion and reproducible results.

Embryonic Stem Cell Lines from ES Cell International™

The ESI human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines were derived under current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) conditions on human fibroblast feeder layers and are available in research and clinical-grade formats. As the first clinical-grade hESC lines, ESI hESC lines are among the best-characterized and documented available today, with complete genome sequence, STR-fingerprint and HLA-type data available.


Figure 1. Expression of the pluripotent markers, Sox2 (red) and Tra-1-60 (green) in ESI-017, shown here cultured under defined, feeder-free conditions. Nuclei marked by DAPI (blue).

Manufactured in compliance with quality systems
ESI hESC lines are backed with donor history and testing information in best compliance with current Good Tissue Practice (cGTP) and conform to Global Ethical Standards and Clinical Cell Regulations.

  • Complete genomic profile and comprehensive data available for purchase
  • Approved by NIH and available on NIH Stem Cell Registry 
  • Available for funding under CIRM Partnership

PureStem® Progenitor Cells

PureStem® progenitor cells are novel human progenitor cells clonally derived from human embryonic stem cell lines. PureStem® progenitors feature unique and phenotypically distinct embryonic progenitors representing early germ layers including ectoderm, mesoderm, neural crest and endoderm. Progenitors express functional or gene expression differentiated phenotypes when cultured In PureStem® Differentiation Kits; including mesenchymal, epithelial, myogenic and neurogenic phenotypes.

Many PureStem® progenitors generate unique differentiated cells and tissues by following known cell fates, including chondrogenic, osteogenic, endothelial and epithelial cell fates. PureStem® progenitors are clonally pure and highly characterized with gene expression profiles both in their undifferentiated and differentiated fates. They do not express telomerase yet offer substantial proliferative capacity.

BioLite™ Antibodies

BioLite™ antibodies allows direct staining and characterization of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), a critical step in stem cell research. The routine process of validating starting cell populations should be simple, quick, and above all reliable to ensure accurate and consistent results. the ESI BIO BioLite™ antibodies bring you key antibody formats and live staining tools that are developed specifically for and tested directly on stem cells.

Fast Yet Reliable Verification of Pluripotency

BioLite™ antibodies allow for direct staining of live cells in culture and therefore eliminate the need to sacrifice valuable material that can be used for downstream experiments.

  • Confirm pluripotency marker expression
  • Allows for continued cell culture post-staining
  • Low endotoxin, sodium azide-free formulation
  • No fixation or permeabilization, only one 30 minute incubation required

Key Small Molecules for Stem Cell Research

ESI BIO’s Small Molecules  are increasingly being used and proven instrumental as research tools to understand and regulate stem cells. Whether to influence the reprogramming, self-renewal or differentiation of a cell – the right small molecule can transform your research study.

ESI BIO combines years of experience and industry knowledge in offering key small molecules for stem cell research that are being widely used in labs around the world. ESI BIO’s small molecules are extensively tested to ensure high purity, biological activity, and stability for optimum performance in stem cell related applications.

  • Enhances reprogramming, maintenance, and differentiation of stem cells
  • Culture-tested to ensure free of contamination
  • High purity and low lot-to-lot variability in activity
  • Bulk ordering options available